What You Can Do - Take Action!

This is perhaps the most important part of this site. The only way to solve this problem is to pitch in and help. When enough people complain, and enough minds actively search for solutions, a solution will be found. Just talking about the problem without providing solutions makes people crazy!

If you wonder what one person can do, read about Diana Mey, a housewife who has taken on major corporations for breaking telemarketing laws, and has won!

  • Try your own innovative ways to stop direct mail and tell me about how well they work. I am sure I have not tried everything. Suggest other organizations to contact to get off of lists.
  • Help find a legal solution to this problem. We are looking for lawyers willing to donate their time to this problem. There are several possibilities for providing favorable legal precedents, much like the 1971 Supreme Court challenge.
  • Contact your Congresspersons and representatives. Ask them to help find a solution to the direct mail problem. Here is a site that describes the best way to contact your elected officials. Contact the Postal Service and complain. Write to newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. Become vocal.
  • Help to further develop this site. I would love to include other peoples experiences and stories here. I would love someone with web development experience to help add some advanced features, like an automatic way to generate a mail merge document that can be used to create letters and envelopes for every possible mailing list company in my database. I would love to add a blog and a discussion form. I don't have enough free time to do all these things myself. Help me better rank this site in search engines so more people find it. I'd like to create a proxy service that warns people when they are going to a site that does not respect privacy or direct mail requests. Turning this information into a podcast would be nice too.
  • Are you or do you work for a mail list vendor? Help me understand how these companies operate better and how to work with the direct mail industry to solve this problem.
  • Do you work for the Postal Service? Help me understand better how the Postal Service works and how saturation mailings work.
  • Link to this site from your own site to better rank this site in the search engines.
  • Tell me about your hall of shame experiences and companies that have been helpful.
  • Stop buying from companies that don't respect your privacy or preferences. Tell me who these companies are so I can add them to the list for the benefit of others.
  • Give me suggestions on other "what you can do" ideas.

Good luck!